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Hospital La Fé (Valencia)
Installation of medical gases, surgical equipment, data connection.
Hospital San Juán de Dios (Sevilla)
Installation of medical gases, surgical equipment, data connection.
Refinería Repsol (Tarragona)
Electricity, control panels, instrumentation and welding.
Electrical Facilities
We carry out any electrical installation, airlines and underground high and low voltage.
Electric Panels
Manufacture of electrical switchboards, distribution and folding muddy.
Instrumentation and Automation
Control panels, monitoring, automation, instrumentation and military welding.
4 years without accidents
CONELECTRIC recorded zero accidents for the fourth consecutive year.
Proyecto Oriente Sksol
CONELECTRIC finaliza los trabajos de Electricidad e instrumentación en el proyecto ORIENTE de SKSOL en  CARTAGENA .
CONELECTRIC get the OHSAS 18001 certification
The certificate of quality management system applied to our work ensures the highest level of satisfaction for our customers and suppliers.
Repsol Refinery (Tarragona)
Finished the installation of electrical, instrumentation, control panels, instrumentation and welding Repsol refinery in Tarragona.